Leadership Development Framework


iLead is a leadership initiative designed to cultivate the students of today of today to be influential leaders of tomorrow.

Through iLead, our school hopes to promote and establish leaders and positive peer pressure in all facets of our school culture.

This will be accomplished by adhering to the following tenets; Leading by example, educating, and developing character through opportunities to serve.

This year, the framework itself is constructed of various initiatives, one aspect is a program for selected 5th grade boys that we like to call iLead Guys.


iLead Guys:

Students who are selected for the iLead Guys program will embark on a journey to cultivate and develop the necessary traits to become a leader and firmly establish characteristic traits as it relates to become a young gentleman.

Students will participate in lessons throughout the spring semester and will complete a service learning project in the community.  Students who complete the program and the service learning project will be honored at the spring iLead Recognition Ceremony.