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Library Checkout Responsibilities

Students are responsible for their library books. They should be returned without damage. We can repair a lot of issues due to wear, but students are responsible to pay for damages including wet/mildewed books, chewed/torn out pages, writing, bent covers, and any other severe damage which prevent books from being put back into circulation.

Library books may be kept for two weeks. Books may be renewed. After a month, students will not be allowed to check out without paying for "lost" books. We do not assign late fees. We would rather you find the book and return it if at all possible, but if it is not found in a reasonable time frame, families need to pay for the book.

Replacing a book may seem a high cost, but please realize that we purchase "library quality" bound books with extra strong binding, shelving tags and computer software bar codes to match our computer system.

If your family plans to move from McDonald Green district, please return all books before moving. If your move is sudden, please return your books to your new school and ask them to forward the books to McDonald Green so that your student is able to check out books at their new school. Our systems are connected. Fines and fees will follow your child.

Library Rules:

  • Be a good listener during story time.

  • Walk quietly from shelf to shelf.

  • Keep hands and feet to yourself.

  • Listen to instructions and wait your turn.

  • Use an inside voice.

  • We hope your student will read and enjoy many books and grow in reading skills while attending our school.